Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fuschia coat

(boots Miu Miu, pleated dress Rag&Bone, transparent dress Tatuna Nikolaishvili, coat Ria Keburia)

Today I'm wearing another young and talented designer's creation - a very trendy coat that can sustain any cold. This coat is from Ria Keburia's very first capsule collection.

By the way, this Miu Miu glitter ankle boots are a present from the net-a-porter team. Thank you guys again for the love.

photos by Louisa

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


(boots Givenchy, skirt Fausto Puglisi, sweater Topshop, hat Dolce&Gabbana)

Bare beautiful legs with Givenchy boots and short skirt hhhmmmm, sweater and hat on top hhhmmm. Delight.

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white fur coat


Monday, November 26, 2012

All those greys

(shoes Brian Atwood, trousers Maje, top Teo by Teo Gardapkhadze, biker jacket Acne)

I hope you didn't forget how I look like. Me and Louisa are back on track with new inspirational photos and looks.

My love to different shades of grey remains the same and I'm not talking about a book here.
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Orange skirt

 (boots Givenchy, skirt Proenza Schouler, turtle neck Lanvin, blazer Chloe, necklace Prada, bag Valentino)

Let's find out about Katya's favourite places in Moscow.

Tell me what are your favourite cafes?

Cofeemania with its delicious raf coffee, classic limonade, strawberry crossata and spa salad; William's for its bruschetta with crab; Roni for spicy tuna roll

Which restaurants are your favourite?
 My favourite restaurants are La Maree where I can eat fresh seafood away from seaside and Maradona for its nice atmosphere and Tom Yam soup and wasabi prawn.

Where do you like walking in Moscow?
Moscow is my love, my soul and heart. My favourite city in the world. I have many places in Moscow where I like to go for a walk - Gorky park, park near Novodevichiy Convent, riverside of Tarasa Shevchenko.

Where do you get inspired for your looks?

The inspiration for my looks I get from the fashion shows, fashion blogs and besides from my own imagination.

Who is your fashion icon?
My fashion icon is my mom.

What are your favourite movies?

This is a really difficult question! There are so many good movies that it is hard to remember all of them! I like the movies of the soviet cinema: The Gentlements of Luck (Джентельмены удачи), Cranes (Журавли), Ballade about a soldier (Баллада о солдате).

My favourite Hollywood movies are: Once upon a time in America, Gladiator, Cinderella Man, A good year, Scarface, Shutter Island, The pursuit of happiness, The notebook, Ocean's 11 and Leon by French director Luc Besson with Jean Reno.

What is your hobby?
My hobby has always been the sport-cars. It is my passion.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

skirt as a dress

(boots Chanel, skirt worn like a dress found somewhere in LA, coat Vintage , necklace Shourouk, veil hat Jil Sander)

Let's find out about Evgenia's favourite places in Moscow.

Tell me what are your favourite cafes?
I have 2 where u can find me often. 1st is Cofeemania. I love this place, there's always lots of people. And 2nd is Simachev shop&bar. In Coffeemania I love beef carpaccio and chicken soup and for drink I adore expensive lemonade (the mix of pineapple juice, lime, honey and soda) - the best one in whole Moscow. And in Simachev its a warm chicken sandwich with coke.

Which restaurant is your favourite?

Mmm... I think its restaurant
"Asia" in Crocus City, not only for great food, but also it's a family place for us. Lunch with mamas, papas, grannies, sisters and brothers. Big table and lots of noise. I love Bang Bang salad there, Wonton soup and Beijing Duck. Strawberry lemonade for drinks. R u sure somebody is really interested in what I'm eating?!)

Trust me, it is quite interesting! Where do you like walking in Moscow?
To tell you the truth I'm not a big fan of walking in Moscow. Maybe Gorky Park since this Summer.

Where do you get inspired for your looks?

People inspire me the most.
Who are your fashion icons?
Johny Depp, Anna Dello Russo and Alex Spencer from 4TH AND BLEEKER

What are your favourite movies?
I love old movies much. And I love love love Johny Depp. I can watch movies with him even without a sound.

What do you wear when you go out?
Depends on a place, mood and action. But my plan B if I have no time to choose is t-shirt, jeans, jacket, accessories, high heels and red lipstick.

What is your hobby?

Now I spend all my free of work time looking for the goods for my Very Vintage store (if I can call a page on Instagram a store) I have my secret agents all over the world, and we're in touch for 20 hours a day. So if it will not make me bored soon it has all the chances to became something really cool in future, but it will be a different story...

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

her Autumn thoughts

(boots Chloe, jeans Ralph Lauren Denim, shirt American Vintage, parka Burberry Prorsum, necklace Maria Zureta)
Polina's Autumn thoughts about a day we met for a chat and quick shoot:

I don’t like waking up in November. I shiver. I drag myself to the window, light a cigarette, look out. I don't like Moscow. I close my eyes, I pretend another morning in St. Germain, I try to remember the smallest details: scents, sounds, senses. It gets better. It always does.

Coffee, perfume, earphones, ready. “I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriosuly, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends”. Jimi, Janis, Jim, Bob, Neil – they are all here waiting. They always are.

Next stop – old Moscow's little alleys, the very heart of the city, beautiful streets, mansions, churches, a café near the Conservatory, the only place, where they can always add cardamon to your espresso. Here I sometimes even forget about Paris. I almost always do.

I’m meeting HER. We’ve been near since school, then uni and now we are sitting here, chatting again about our work, friends, music, rare movies, everything. She's so inspiring, she's so feminine, she's so chic, and her unique smile, that she wears… She always does.

We take some pictures for her blog, wander around and then go our own ways: she's got more work to do today and I hurry home to hide from grey city. I put the needle on and Billie Holiday starts to whisper to me in her velvet voice, which rambles through the room just like puffs of smoke from my cigarette. I feel soothed and so calm. It helps. It always does.

It was just another Sunday.

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