Saturday, March 31, 2012

for Grazia Russia

My article for Russian Grazia magazine about extremely talented and beautiful Ketevane Maissaia.


Friday, March 30, 2012



It's been a while since I wanted to show you bags designed and hand made by Helena Chraime. Finally I found some time to make a post about her. I call these bags lunch box meets fashionista. How cool are those! They immediately catch your eye and make you want them in your life!

For those of you who are misguided as to where the name Helena+Troy stems from, look no further than its historical root, Helen of Troy. It is essentially the name of a beauty, a princess, but she was also a warrior. The inspiration originated from the combination of beauty and edginess. It’s where femininity meets strength, where magnificence meets toughness.

The initial inspirations for the silhouettes of these bags are lunchboxes, camera bags, and travel trunks. Something you would normally use for functionality, but completely converted into pieces that embody the essence of the fashion forward woman.

It's where art meets fashion, fashion meets function, and function meets quality.

New York

Thursday, March 29, 2012

denim jacket+evening dress

(shoes Charlotte Olympia, dress Djaba Diassamidze, denim jacket D&G, necklace Mawi, bag Celine)

I love to mix something very casual with the evening wear. This time it's my brother's old denim jacket that he used to wear to school and a very gentle Djaba Diassamidze dress. I just thought that wearing this dress with either fur or a blazer would make it boring, so I ended up going out with old denim.

Do you like this mix? Would you wear it?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a very special present from Mawi

I received a very special present from my favourite jewellery brand Mawi. This necklace is one of my favourites from their collections. I love everything about it. The colour palette is just perfect and goes with everything.

Today I wore my favourite Djaba Diassamidze dress, gifted by him during Paris Fashion Week, and of course this necklace.

The occasion was Grazia Birthday Party. I'll show you photos of the look later.

Sweet Dreams!


something that every girl needs

You all know about these Isabel Marant sneakers that every girl craves. Hidden wedge makes you a bit taller and gives your feet so much comfort. I noticed that there are two ways of wearing them. You can either hold the tongue with sticker or not. The latter is the way I like it most. Which do you prefer?

Have an amazing day!


Monday, March 26, 2012

One of the looks for PFW

(shoes Prada, skirt Marni, sweater Isabel Marant, collar Tata Naka, parka Marni, bracelets Hermes, bag Celine)

Quick post from Moscow.

I bet you've seen all shades of green on me this season. What can I say, this colour has become one of my favourites in all of its' shades. Now I'm going to put myself in all the warmest clothes I have with me and see all the people I have been craving for so long.

Click on the photo to see where I found it.

Have a great day!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soraya Bakhtiar outside Burberry

I met Soraya during LFW and we instantly clicked, it happens quite seldom, but when it does... You know! Friends! Instantly! I loved her style and shot her several times. Turned out it was mutual, she made couple of posts about me on her blog. Thank you for it, warmed my heart! Let's see what she tells us about her looks for LFW.

Soraya: "I always like to create an element of surprise in my outfits and bring something unexpected. During fashion week in London, I had fun mixing prints. Usually, I'm not so keen on doing so, but I think that it brings a playful touch. On the last day of LFW, I was wearing Isabel Marant navajo denims in pink with a fuzzy jacket, pink sunnies from Acne and my Proenza PS11 in burgundy. The previous day, I was wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim coat (sleeves are removable) and a beaded jacket from Opening Ceremony over a Gestuz Orange jumper. I thought that adding a pop of color would make it more fun and honestly I was running late to the Burberry show and literally threw on what was in front of me. I was wearing a PS1 printed bag, Topshop denim and Forever 21 hat. I guess that not thinking about what goes together and mismatching makes it work in an unexpected way while bringing some edginess". 
Take a look at her blog The Trend Report

Friday, March 23, 2012

Stella McCartney A/W 2012

One of my favourite shows of the season!

Sporty yet classy, oversize shapes, botanical embroideries and beautiful blue.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my favourite illustrator Anastasia

This would be one of my first sketches after moving to Paris. I was inspired by Isabel Marant, Eiffel and French subway.

"Goodbye Summer!" I made it the last day of our big summer trip... when I was very sad to say goodbye to warm days and the beautiful sea.

Fashion Night Out in Paris


Russian "fashion mafia" on Paris Fashion Week. Inspired by Miroslava, Lena and Ulyana.

This was my sketch for the competition of young illustrators. I didn't win, but I put a little bit of me in this sketch: big necklaces, my boyfriend's knitwear and pencils...

My Christmas greeting card that I sent to everybody I love.

This one is an illustration that I made during London Fashion Week, inspired by Nino.

Inspired by one summer day in the little French village and its' beautiful nature.

This girl lives in the apartment of my lovely sister. This was one of my first illustrations and like often it was inspired by New York Fashion Week's street style.

This one was for the Citroen Creative Awards: one girl, one car and three outfits...

I sketched this after watching Michael Jackson's "This is it", a documentary film that changed my opinion about this singer. I just tried to reproduce some elements of his style...

Very speed sketch that I made at one boring lesson in the University. Inspired by the craziest H&M collaboration with Marni.  

Me: Tell me how did you become an illustrator. What was your first inspiration?

Anastasia: I don't consider myself as an illustrator, even if I put this word on my blog or Facebook page. I don't have any diplomas in Art or Drawing or anything like that.

Me: I don't think that you need a diploma to be one! I truly consider you as an illustrator. Tell me why did you start to draw? What moved you?

 Anastasia: Thank you, it means a lot to me. Why I started to draw? I don't know. I just wanted to express myself. And doing it on the paper was the easiest. I just took a black pen and started this process that can't be stopped anymore.

Me: When did you start to draw? What was your first sketch?

Anastasia: I started to draw when I was a little girl (just like everybody), but I found my style, my preferences in drawing, tools that suit me only two years ago. My first sketches were only reproductions of some street-style pictures: Tommy Ton, The Sartorialist, Facehunter and some others. To be honest with you, the first girl that I sketched was Natasha Goldenberg. I love her style and I'm very proud of these Russian girls that the whole fashion world knows.

Me: We're all proud that fashion scene has now finally admitted that people who live in Russia can be very cool. Who is your favourite illustrator?

Anastasia: My favorite illustrator? Oh, it's soooo difficult to tell only one name. I'm so in love with the fashion illustrations of Carlotta, who's very famous here in France. Another French illustrator that I love is François Avril, he is not very fashion, but so funny. Among some classics - René Gruau, of course and a lot of young talents like Cecilia Lundgren, Garance Doré, Nadeesha Godamunne...

Me: That's a good list. I'm gonna take a look at some that I don't know. How often do you draw?

Anastasia: Now I draw always and everywhere! At home I have a lot of sketchbooks. Sometimes I can draw all day long... I think my boyfriend likes my passion just because he has a lot more time for his PlayStation this way!

Outdoor I have always a little sketchbook in my bag so I can draw everywhere: in subway or University, at coffee house or in the park! I'm really obsessed!

Me: I love your obsession! Where do you seek inspiration?

Anastasia: For inspiration I like to meet new people, read some magazines, blogs and fashion websites (mainly with street-style pictures), visit exhibitions and museums or simply walk around Paris or any other city. Inspiration is simply around us! 

My current style in drawing is inspired by a lot of factors: my family and mainly my parents, both great painters and architects, some lessons of drawing that I had a very long time ago. I should of course mention my move to Paris with a lot of changes in my life and a lot of inspiration at every step here!

Me: I totally agree on this one! What would you wish Trivial Insanity readers?

Anastasia: I wish them to find their obsession just like I did and feel inspired!

To see more of her works here are links to Anastasia's blog "Mademoiselle Anastasia", Facebook and Twitter.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Louis Vuitton A/W 2012

The most exciting and beautiful show of the season!


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