Sunday, February 26, 2012

LFW What I wore

(shoes Givenchy, skirt Balenciaga, sweater Jonathan Saunders, shirt with beaded collar Tata Naka, bag Proenza Schouler PS11)

Here's some photoes from my London Fashion Week look for you. A lot of colour you might think! Try it and you'll see the difference. It literally makes my day! It's so much fun! Life seems easier.

Have an amazing day my insane readers!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Interview with Mawi

As promised! The story about woman behind jewellery brand Mawi.

Mawi Keivom is an extraordinary woman. Having been introduced to her by a friend during London Fashion Week I couldn't stop telling how much I adore her work! It was a very busy day so I didn't really have time for chatting. The next day when I came to Somerset House I decided to take another glance at her inspiring 10 year anniversary collection and met Mawi again. This time we couldn’t stop talking about her life and the brand. Mawi told me all about where she started and how she got where she is now. She is a very vibrant and interesting person, whose life is nothing less but a beautiful fairy tale.

Born in the Kingdom Manipur, situated in the North-East of India, she has always been inspired by her father. He was born in a very poor family and achieved everything himself. Ambitions to succeed helped him become an extraordinary man - writer, composer, diplomat and humanitarian. As a daughter of diplomat Mawi has lived in numerous countries and gained huge knowledge about different cultures and traditions. This explains why her collections are a clash of different styles and stories. Mawi’s life is a vivid example of how possible it is to achieve your dreams believing in them and moving towards them in the right direction.

"I had a burning desire from inside to achieve something in my life. Looking back at my dad’s life I always knew I can live my dream. When I was 14 I printed my own label, I just knew I wanted to have one some day. I always looked at things from a different angle, interpreting everything from my own perspective. When I created the brand 10 years ago I wanted it to be something out of the box – unique and distinguished. Mawi jewellery is all about putting opposites in one piece – feminine + brutal, soft + hard. 

My starting capital was £750 that I got from my friends and family. I was buying different things from flea market and making something special, something different out of them. My first collection was very feminine, yet cool: lace collars, coins, pearls, and crosses. It was a mix of pirate and Victorian styles. I never would have thought that this collection would sell well, nevertheless we received orders from 100 stores. Of course we didn’t have materials to produce that many pieces. We had to tell buyers that each piece would be different and they were happy about it. It was very amateur, but fun and successful. 

I still don’t have investors and I think that the brand wouldn’t be so popular if we had them, as we wouldn’t be so creative and I wouldn’t have known the whole business from inside. My brand is not about making money. I don’t need yachts and fancy houses. What matters is that I love the brand and the product. There's different value in doing what I do".

Very inspiring, right?!

 If you want to know what is there next for the brand that seems to have achieved everything, I'll tell you. When we were discussing the future of the brand Mawi said that collaborating with big jewellery brands is the next step for her. How crazy would it be to see Mawi designs made out of precious stones and metals!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mawi Autumn/Winter 2012

One of my favourite jewellery brands is celebrating 10 year anniversary! This retrospective collection takes a look back to 4000 styles that Mawi has created during a decade of creative work. Brand's most iconic themes like Dynasty, Panther and Punk Rajah are given new life in 2012. How cool is to have adored pieces in new colours and interpretations!

The lady behind this brand, Mawi Keivom, told Trivial Insanity her beautiful life story. You will get to read it very soon!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marni at H&M Party look

(sandals Givenchy, dress TataNaka, clutch Vintage)

Аs you can imagine I'm super jet lagged and tired, but not giving up! Wish I could post more often, but sometimes when I finish doing work for the Grazia magazine I find myself sleeping in shoes and make up. Unfortunately, I can't show you any other photoes from the party as first they have to be published in Grazia, but very soon you'll be able to see everything. 

I'm in London now, enjoying Fashion Week and shooting street style, front row and catwalk for you my dear readers. Be excited for what you'll get to see very soon.

By the way TataNaka and David Koma shows are tomorrow. I'm so lucky that I'll get to see what they have created this time. For more photoes and updates follow my Twitter, as I update it several times a day.

Los Angeles

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Friday, February 17, 2012

NYFW What I wore, again

(shoes Brian Atwood, skirt Balenciaga, sweater Whistles, necklace Mawi, bag Chanel, leather jacket Rick Owens)

I have really been into knitted sweaters for a while now. Can't even count how many I have bought. Whistles has amazing knits like this one and the other ones that you can see in old posts like:

New York Fashion Week has come to an end and today I'm in Los Angeles for Marni at H&M party, super excited for it. Hope you're excited as well!

Have a great day and come back for updates!

New York

Thursday, February 16, 2012

NYFW What I wore

(shoes Nicholas Kirkwood, skirt Marni, leather jacket Rick Owens, fur vest Tasha, bag Celine)

Here's something to take a look at for you fashion lovers. Haven't posted anything because of the busy schedule here in New York, but I'll do my best to keep you updated.

I'm on my way to LA now for Marni H&M Launch Party so get excited for amazing photoes and my impressions + NYFW street style coming soon. You cannot imagine how I love having internet on the plane, super convenient!

Hope you're all doing well.

New York

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


(leather jacket Rick Owens, sweater Zara Man, boots Pan E Tulipani, bag Chanel, earrings Mawi)

Realized how much I missed London only after having a long walk. In short three days managed to go to:

✓ Vintage Fair for suitcases from 30es and clutches from 40es
Portobello Road for vintage books and red velvet cup cakes 
TataNaka office for my beautiful floral print dresses
✓ Westbourne Grove for shopping and walking 
Novikov Italian restaurant for late dinner
BBB for drinks and Le Baron for dancing

Oh by the way, H❥ppy V❥lentines D❥y. Hope you're spending it with those you love!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loving snow

(sneakers Isabel Marant, jeans Acne, sweater American Apparel, parka Marni, bag Chanel)

Try to love each and every moment of your life by being excited for simple things.

Have an inspiring day!


Saturday, February 11, 2012


I like long sheer skirts on pregnant ladies, but the most that I like about this look is the colour palette. Deep steel blue, gray and orchid create a perfect combination of colours.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Danooshka. Bag Story.

Let me introduce you to a lovely lady, who has the most amazing travel photo gallery on her blog - Made in Russia. Go to her blog to find out everything about her.

 Let's see what's in her beautiful bag:

Art note
LV gold pen
Trident gum
Ginza guide
Bodyshop balm
River Island wallet

To see what's in my bag go to my Bag Story.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

very London

(dress TataNaka, necklace Mawi, shoes Charlotte Olympia)

Morning my dear readers,

The weather in Tbilisi today is beautiful, everything is covered in snow. Though it's amusing, it's also a bit frightening as I might not be able to fly to London today. 

Anyway here is my "very London" look (everything I'm wearing is designed and produced in London). British fashion is becoming more and more interesting! So many new talented designers showing us original and very trendy collections every season. From all the Fashion Weeks LFW is one of the most interesting and exciting...

...and it's so soon now


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Black is the new "black"

Get to know my dear friend Sali, sister of Ani, who appears quite frequently on Trivial Insanity.

Posts with Ani:


I've wanted to make post about this girl for a while now and finally here it is. I've been admiring her style since we first met. By the way it's quite funny that we first met in Cancun when we were teenagers and then reunited in Moscow.


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