Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beauty Interview with Katerina Borkunova

(boots Valentino, coat Lanvin, bag Hermes)

My beautiful love will tell us about her beauty secrets. I've already laughed a lot while reading this, hope you'll enjoy it.

Can you please share your beauty secrets with us? You should have at least a couple!

I would share my beauty secrets or beauty tips without hesitation if I have any. I know only not secret that kind of information like every girl sure does, but I actually have a beauty plan for my New Years resolution:

-stay away from caffeine
-lots of water instead
-quit smoking
-8 hours of sleep
-exercise more
-castor oil for lashes and brows
-tons of fruits
-stop quarreling with Him and frowning all the time to prevent expression lines
How do you start your morning?
I start my day with a bottle of warm water, then while taking a shower, yet again promise myself to buy a plastic chair and put inside, so I can sit in it and sleep a little more. I wear a lot of moisturizer, Bellefontaine and St Barth are very fancied, then I plan my day while having a breakfast (I wish I could say "healthy"). Usually it consists of coffee with cakes or pies or tarts or altogether.
How do you clean your face?

I'm fond of Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, Cefine Herb Clear Gel and Fillast Daily Toner.

How often do you visit cosmetician?
I have never visited one.

What make up products are your favourite?

Bobbi Brown eye shadows, Armani mascara, Chanel powder blush and variety of glorious Mac lipsticks.

Do you have make up icons?
I don't know...Ninch, you!.. and 4 other my best girlfriends.

 Which beauty product you can't live without?
I won't be able to live without a hair mask. Because it would be a very tricky and challenging task to brush my hair. The best of Aldo Coppola: soothing mask with beeswax, with white sugar or with myrtle extract!

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