Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ripped Jeans and Heels

(sandals Charlotte Olympia, jeans Topshop, shirt Equipment, hat ASOS, bag Chanel)

Short post from Tbilisi. 

It's crazy hot here, no air to breathe, but we're going to Batumi, Georgia on Saturday for Sting's concert and I feel that it'll be fun. These photos are left overs from London, see you soon.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Neon Satchel

(boots Balenciaga, skirt COS, shirt Theory, satchel The Cambridge Satchel Company, ring Topshop) 

I'm leaving my beloved London today for Tbilisi to see my dearest relatives and friends, whom I missed a lot. Summer in Tbilisi is pretty amazing, you should come some day. You know, my biggest fear now is not having enough time for my dissertation or not having enough time for a proper Summer, don't really know which scares me more. Little dilemma with studies and leisure makes me feel guilty all the time. I've packed couple of books and wonder if I am even going to read those. Wish me luck for this enormous piece of work that I have to do. 

Oh by the way I'm trying to go back to my natural hair colour so I dyed my hair in Aldo Coppola with a very nice rinse, which cured my hair from being dry to super shiny and silky. They don't use products that can do any harm to your hair and guys, who work there are amazing.

You definitely noticed that my neon orange satchel arrived and I love it. Which colour would you buy?


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Matchy Friends

(shirt Maje, bag Proenza Schouler, sandals Charlotte Olympia, trousers Zara)

Obviously we love snake prints and you know it from posts Python print, Who wore it best? and PS I LOVE U. Lovely lady with me is my friend, whom you should know from posts Delicate, Friday Night Part II, Flowers, Sunny Yellow, Green Eyes and I just realised that the number of  posts with her is endless so I won't continue the list. 

I'm flying back to my born town Tbilisi tomorrow and will be posting from there. I already have a bunch of drafts for you my beloved readers, but the most important here is that my real not fake London Summer starts very very soon. 

What are your plans for Summer?


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Royal slippers

In XVIII century these kind of shoes or slippers to be precise were worn only by members of swell society. Nowadays slippers are accessible to all and in my opinion represent the good taste of the owner. I have already mentioned this type of shoes in post Slippers.

Would you wear one?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Striped shirt and necklace

(slippers Aka Nanitashvili, t-shirt COS, blazer Isabel Marant, bag Chanel, necklace Fallon)

I have already talked about striped shirts in the post Curls and Stripes and you know that they are always IN. You might be thinking that I wear ripped jeans too often and the answer is: YES, they are way too comfortable not to wear them that often.

What do you wear too often?


Friday, June 24, 2011

Love and Spike

Spikes are the cool trend in jewellery and we like it. I bought a lot of weapon jewellery this season to defend myself. This includes spikes, knuckles, studs an other sharp objects that are beautifully incorporated into the jewellery. The best brands that do these kind of bijoux are Mawi, DANNIJO, Joomi Lim, Fallon and Eddie Borgo.

The mysterious beauty on these shots can be seen in posts Gray and Brown and Ana.

Who is your favourite jewellery designer?


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Python print

(ballerinas Chanel, jeans Topshop, shirt Equipment, blazer Isabel Marant, bag Chanel, hat ASOS)

We had a wonderful day with my friend, who has  arrived from Tbilisi for couple of days. We tried to make the most out of one day, popped  into Royal Academy of Arts for their Summer exhibition and went shopping. Finally I bought the right striped t-shirt for this Summer in COS.

As for this look, you know my love to ripped jeans, there's no need to explain it. Snakes are my blue fear, my blood curdles at the thought of it, but when it comes to prints I like it a lot. You can see me wearing python print in the post PS I LOVE U and Who wore it best?

What prints are your favourite?


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Givenchy Resort 2012

     Givenchy Resort 2012

The first time I saw this collection my eyes popped out just like in the Disney cartoon by Tex Avery, where a wolf is crazy about Red Riding Hood, a sexy Hollywood stripper Red.

Ricardo Tisci's resort collection for Givenchy is genius. It has incorporated many different styles and concepts, from Hawaiian surf culture to Basketball dressing. The colours are breathtaking and cuts are inspiring. What I wonder is will we be wearing sun visors next Summer?! Not only Tisci for Givenchy, but also my favourite Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga made sun visors look very trendy and cool for resort.

 Balenciaga Resort 2012

Would you wear a sun visor? 
And one more question, do you think rumors about Tisci becoming next Christian Dior designer are true?!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Adore EQUIPMENT shirts: good quality, beautiful colour palette, very soft and very wearable. You can see EQUIPMENT shirt on me in post Lace Shorts.

How do you wear your shirts?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cherry Kelly

You must be familiar with Hermes Kelly bags, if not here is a little history. It was introduced in the 1930 and became popular only in 1956 after Grace Kelly, iconic actress and Princess of Monaco, used this bag to hide her pregnancy from intrusive paparazzi. Ever since this beautiful bag has been named after Grace and awarded an iconic status.
    Prince Rainier uses the bag to hide his wives' pregnancy

Kelly is just the right piece of a bag in the wardrobe of any woman or maybe nowadays even a man, it is timeless. I said a man? Yes yes! I bet our beloved Bryan from Bryanboy would go bananas for it.

The Kelly bag on the photo taken by me reminds me of red-ripe cherry, I wish it was eatable.

What is your favourite bag of all times?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Who wore it best?

A bit of funny "The Man Repeller" style who wore it best contest for you my lovely readers. Leandra, The Repeller, says it's more fun competing with inanimate objects rather than human beings and personally I agree with her. 
Do you remember old lady from the cartoon Tweety? I bet you do. I actually think that my look in these photoes resembles hers in a way. Now scratch your brain and tell me who has better bun me or the old lady from Tweety cartoon?


Do you see what I see? We kinda look familiar? No? Yes? Hahahahhah, I hope you're laughing and not thinking that I'm crazy. But maybe I am, who knows? So now tell me who's look do you like more?

As to the look of the day, I really like to mix different prints, it looks cool and modern in a way, though I look like an old lady with my high bun. And adding colour to this look makes it more lively and fun.

Espadrilles are must haves, especially if they are bright colour. I love this trend coming back from my mom's childhood, besides they are so comfortable and go with everything, hhhmm almost everything.

I'm wearing:
Espadrilles Lanvin 
Skirt Topshop
Shirt Maje
Jacket Acne
Satchel Proenza Schouler
Earrings Mawi

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This is Ana, the friend with bag and necklace(actually jewellery) obsession, which I mentioned in post The beloved one. She is pretty amazing when it comes to bags and jewellery, I like her style a lot. Her Fendi Peekaboo bag is just the right size and color and I feel it is a definitely perfect choice for Summer.

Ana and I have this lovely habit of exchanging beautiful jewellery photos on Facebook since we love to share our finds, especially when it comes to DANNIJO, Mawi or Fallon piece "discovery". We think that beautiful jewellery is very important in completing the look, as well as sophisticating it in a very right way.
What do you think about necklaces, rings, bracelets and earring?

Which jewellery brands do you like?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lace Shorts

(boots Balenciaga, shorts The Kooples, shirt Equipment, blazer Isabel Marant, satchel Proenza Schouler)

Shorts are no doubt very IN this season, you can find them in the collection of any beloved brand. My season favourites are lace shorts from The Kooples, new French brand that was created by three brothers. The concept is played around two words - rock and roll and couples.

Something else I wanted to tell you... Hmmm... Oh, the Equipment shirts! I love them, they are made of very nice fabric and the colour palette is beautiful. You should definitely go for at least one, because fully buttoned up shirts are so trendy this season.


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