Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lots of details

Cool mix of patterns: lace, leather, suede and jersey. This new Chanel classic flap bag with lion head clasp harmonically complements the look.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Layers and Layers and Layers

You already know that I like layers and layers and layers! I have 4 layers here: 2 t-shirts, shirt-jacket and a biker leather jacket on the top. Also wanted to mention that I have a little addiction to tough jewelery with spikes,chains, pins, studs and everything that make you look more edgy and sophisticated. 

Red is definitely one of the most attractive and sensational colours. This is how this colour affects us:

-increases enthusiasm
-stimulates energy
-encourages action and confidence
Not speaking about the fact that red is a symbol of love and passion. Quite a strong colour, isn't it?!

I'm wearing:

Leather Biker Jacket Balenciaga, you can also find it here and here
Checked Shirt-Jacket Thakoon
Red T-shirt IRO, which I bought the other day in Urban Outfitters
Grey T-shirt The Kooples
Leggings Topshop, you can it here as well
Necklace Fallon, you can also see it in this post
Bag Chanel
Ballerinas Chanel


I really really like this Ralph Lauren sunnies. You can buy them online on Sunglass Hut.

Red Lips

“There is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip. It is the focus of the face and it has the power to define a woman’s whole look.” — Tom Ford

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I'm wearing:
Sweater Uniqlo
Shirt Topshop, you can also see it here
Jeans J Brand

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green Eyes

This is a bit unusual post. I just want to complement my friend for having such an amazing eye colour. When I was taking her photo she told me she wasn't looking good, meaning she had no make up and was very casual and sporty. But she just didn't know how beautiful were her eyes at the moment.

PS usually when green eye "owners" wear something green or khaki their eyes just become deeper.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nice Friday


London has been surprising me with the weather these couple of days. Today I didn't even need a coat! I feel SPRING so deeply now. Everybody's smiling all the time and I really enjoy smiling back to people in the street. Feels like they're saying with their smile: "Life is beautiful." Just talked to my mom and it seems that life in Moscow is not that nice, she said it's still cold and snowing in there. Somebody just forgot to switch off the Winter there. People need sun light to be happier, it's a fact!
By the way, we went to Yohji Yamamoto exhibition in VNA today and were disappointed.I was expecting so much more. Why everybody enjoyed it so much?! 
Wanted to say how much I love Liberty Department Store. They have amazing jewelery department, where I spend plenty of my time.

I'm wearing:
Sneakers Lanvin, you can also see look with those here
Khaki Leopard Jeans H&M, can be found here as well
Shirt American Retro, is also here
Sweater Isabel Marant
Necklace Fallon (, you can buy it here
Bag Proenza Schouler, more looks with it here
Sunnies Super, just bough it in Liberty
All rings are bought from

Lace Me

Get ready for summer with lots of laces! This shorts are from my beloved brand The Kooples.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ripped Jeans

The weather was perfect today. Thank you London!

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I'm wearing:

Sneakers Lanvin, which can see here as well
Jeans Topshop
T-shirt IRO, more looks with it here
Sweater Cheap Monday, also here
Vest Alexander Wang, and here as well
            Bag Proenza Schouler PS11, can be found here

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She's Ready for Summer

I saw her, yes her! in a shop window today, almost screaming! She is ready for sunny days and long nights. Don't you think so?!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Gray and Brown

Friend of mine, who shares crazy shopping habits with me. Thank You for a wonderful day.

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Friday, March 18, 2011


Hair Tips
I have received several e-mails from my lovely readers and many questions from my friends. You wanted to know how I take care of my hair and what do I do for such a natural look. So here is the post.
STEP 1: 
First of all, never use the same shampoo and masque for long period, change it from time to time. I have three favourite shampoos that smell very nice and clean my hair very gently.
Kerastase REFLECTION shampoo delivers mirror-like radiance to your hair. It becomes shiny and healthy looking. Alterna HEMP also increases shine and protects your hair from damage, but the best part is that it smells very Summer with notes of citrus. Kerastase BAIN DE FORCE improves health of your hair and makes it stronger.
I always use hair masque, as it nourishes my hair, makes it manageable and easy to brush. Kerastase REFLECTION and NUTRITIVE masques are the most effective ones from Kerastase products. But there are many good other hair masques that are cheaper. I often use Elseve and Dove hair supplements, which you can find almost in any big supermarket.
Split ends are hair catastrophe. Your hair will never look nice if you don't cut off "dead" ends at least once in three or four months. There are some products that can help with this problem. Alterna CAVIAR serum, Kerastase NUTRI-SCULPT serum and Fudge Ends
treatment are the most useful from all the products in the market. These "remedies" will  repair and seal dry ends.
Final step consists of products that make your hair look very natural. Usually after all these three steps I use Alterna texturising glaze, which gives my hair very light and natural curl. Alterna thickening compound
creates volume without stiffness and thickens your hair. The last product is Alterna spray shine, which smoothes and softens your hair. And the smell of this product is incredible. It smells like sweet orange!
Hope this was helpful.

Thursday, March 17, 2011



Clutch Hermes
Espadrilles Lanvin
Shirt Celine
Rings YSL
Necklace DANNIJO
Sunglasses Peter Jensen

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blue Velvet

I'm wearing:

Loafers Crockett & Jones, you can also find those here and here
Leggings Topshop
Jeans shirt Topshop
Jacket Ecote, you can see post with it here
Vest Alexander Wang, which you can see here as well
Bag Chanel

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gray into Black

I wanted to tell you how I coloured my gray biker leather jacket into black. I just had this irritating pen stain on my lovely biker and no dry-cleaner was able to handle it. One day I just thought that there should be somebody, who can just change colour of my jacket into black, so you won't see a stain.
 I called one of those services that tell you number of any place you wish and they told me there was one man, who does leather colouring  at home. So I visited him and left my precious jacket. Next day he called me and when I picked it up I realized it looks even better. I guess he had an old technique of colouring and leather looked as if I have painted it myself with regular paint. But you know after wearing it for a while it just started look like a vintage one. Now I like this jacket even more. 

What else can I tell you?! Oh today I've been shopping for my brother's bday present and bought him Hummingbird RED VELVET cake, if you know what I'm talking about. Two hours left till his birthday and I find myself thinking about this cake every minute. Can't wait =). Oh, by the way, I'm thinking about colouring my hair, any suggestions?!

I'm wearing:
Boots Pan E Tulpani, you can also see it Biker Boots
Jeans  Atelier Schiu
Shirt Topshop
Sweater Isabel Marant 
Leather Jacket Balenciaga, you can find looks with it in BBB, Cold London and Long Pleated Skirt
Bag Proenza Schouler

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pink Pants

Some pics from yesterday night out to BBB (Beach Blanket Babylon). It is a very nice bar and restaurant in Notting Hill, where you can enjoy amazing food, drinks and music.


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I'm wearing:

Shoes YSL, you can also find them here
Pants Zara
T-shirt Topman
Blazer BB Dakota
Bag Hermes(Constance)

Casual Chic


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I'm wearing:

T-shirt Iro
Leg warmers American Apparel
Leggings Topshop, you can also find it here
Jacket Acne, more looks with this jacket here
Sneakers Lanvin, also can be seen here
Bag Chanel, you can also see it here
Fur Fox, you can also find it here

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