Friday, February 25, 2011

My Funny Nails

I was having fun with my nails yesterday. Just painted half =)) I know that my hands r very very pale, but there is nothing I can do. London is very cloudy =))

PS nail polish is Topshop.

DANNIJO jewellery

DANNIJO was founded by Florida-born sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder. Their cool New York based jewelry was launched in 2009 and is hand-made. They make pieces that can make you look amazing a sophisticated even if you are wearing a simple t-shirt. DANNIJO pieces combine indie hipster style with timeless sophistication, resulting in statement pieces that emit a polished uptown feel with a raw downtown flair. Who would wear that ? Contemporary women who are trendy, passionate and confident. You can find both very colourful and neutral pieces that will compliment your taste.

"Our personalities are different but complementary, which makes for great synergy,” says Danielle. “I'm much more bohemian and rock-n-roll inspired. I've always loved Native American Indian and tribal aesthetics, whereas Jodie finds more inspiration in Old Hollywood glam, films and music of past generations, This contrast has given us a very open-minded point of view that is translated in our range of designs." Danielle and I have always loved the art of fashion, and jewelry design has been a means for us to find a fulfilling creative outlet for our passion," says Jodie.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pamela Love is Love

Pamela Love's jewelery is very impressive. It is very rock-star. Pamela is known for her incredibly stylish and unique jewelery designs, each design projects sexiness, power and confidence.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tata Naka Presentation

Tata Naka static presentation of Autumn Winter 11/12 collection took place in the Somerset House Portico Rooms from 3-7pm on 22 of February. It was very colourful and beautiful. Pineapple cocktails with Rum were very tasty, jelly decorations lured peoples attention. Everyone hoped these beautiful jellies were eatable, but unfortunately they were not. Presentation was set up like in studio photoshoot setting for the look-book. This allowed guests to have a different insight to the industry of fashion. Stylist of this presentation Natalia Alaverdyan arranged the looks according to girls inspiration from late 50es. Models makeup was very minimal with only burgundy lipstick and hair slicked back, nails were red.
First words that come to my mind when I think about TataNaka AW collection are gorgeous, graphic, hand made, colorific, inspiring and you know what is interesting? One of my favourite painters Gauguin crosses my mind when I look at print dresses. Colourful paintings that girls made for their dresses contain lot of green colour and interesting prints that remind me of Gauguin's obsession with Tahiti. Tata and Naka travel a lot and visit antique fairs and art exhibitions in different countries. Every Summer they go to this small and amazing island Capri, which is situated in Italy and bring a lot of inspiration and new ideas from there as well as many other places they visit.

AW 11/12 collection consists of amazing cuts and structure. Every garment is unique and exceptional. They, let me say, invented garments that can help create very individual and inimitable style. Though girls look very similar they have very different style and taste. That is why they make two collections in one, from the pictures you can see two different visualizations that are mixed together in a harmony. Collection has crazy creative part with check garments that have feathers and burned plastic flowers sewed on, print dresses and colourful pillbox hats with feathers as well and quite calm part with beautiful embroideries, amazing off the shoulder dresses with scalloped edges and сhiffon details. I will definitely want to buy some things from this collection and I feel I am not alone.

Backstage at Tata Naka AW 11/12

People&Atmosphere at Tata Naka AW 11/12

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